A Kernsville Christmas 2000

'Twas 4 days before Christmas, and all through the school
the kids had gone crazy, they were breaking the rules!
They were running through halls, they were ripping up tests.
They were writing on walls, they were standing on desks!

The lunch food was scattered all over the floor.
Syrup and gravy was flooding the door.
Mashed potatoes and JELL-O were piled in a hill.
Something was going all wrong at Kernsville!

The staff was so tired, the teachers were weeping,
They tried everything but there just was no keeping
the kids in their rooms, at their desks, in their seats,
and reading from books, all quiet and neat.

The kids had gone wild, clothes messy and torn.
Some climbed in a bus and were beeping the horn!
In the duck pond they played games like football and soccer,
They could not even be stopped by Mr. Krumanocker!

"This can't be!" I thought as I walked through the halls,
Trying not to get hit by frisbees and balls.
Not one child said "Sorry." Not one child said "Hi."
Even my friends just went running right by!

"I know these kids, they are not like this.
They are good and they listen. I really do miss
all the kids who I see and who give me a wave!
I can't let this happen, Kernsville must be saved!"

But why were they crazy? What was the reason?
Could it be too much candy this Holiday season?
Had cookies and cupcakes messed up their brains?
Were their grades all going to go down the drain?

I went back to the lunchroom, hoping to find
a way I could help them and fix up their minds.
As I slipped on a hot dog and was hit by a cup,
I knew how to stop it:

I woke myself up!

'Twas 4 days before Christmas, the sky was still dark.
The moon was still shining on trees in the park.
I opened my eyes, got up, shook my head
and checked on my kids, still asleep in their beds.

"I'm so glad," I thought, "that it was just a dream.
And Kernsville was not filled with running and screams.
Today all the students and teachers will make
the best of this last day before winter break."

It's 4 days before Christmas, 5 days until Kwanza.
Four days ago was the last day of Hanukkah.
Whatever you celebrate, whatever the reason,
May Peace, Joy and Love stay with you this season.

To all of the staff who help the school run.
To all of the teachers who make learning fun.
To all of the students, my friends far and near:

Happy Holidays To All!
Have A Fun Filled New Year!

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